Funding Applications

Applicants must read the Eligibility Requirements, Exclusions, Selection Criteria, and Standard Conditions, prior to completing the Application For Funding form.

Rainbow-Catcher Foundation Committee reserves the right to investigate any claim for funding, and refuse any application of doubtful origin. The Committee shall assess each application on a case-by-case basis, and reserves the right to provide assistance outside these guidelines, if it’s determined that a genuine need exists. The decision of the Committee is final, and no further correspondence shall be entered into.

Funding Principles:

Rainbow-Catcher Foundation has a broad range of areas of interest, however, some common principles underlie the process of our decision-making. Whilst most funding is in response to applications, we sometimes choose an area we wish to support for the greater good, in order to initiate/facilitate change for the better. We are also pleased to work in partnership with other organizations who share a similar vision for the greatest benefit of the collective. When assessing applications, our principles include:

  • A commitment to excellence. We support individuals and non-profit organizations who (we perceive) are doing their best to achieve excellence, are visionary in their approach, and dedicate themselves to bettering communities for the collective benefit.
  • Innovation and commitment. We support projects where recipients are innovative in their approach to problem-solving, committed to the life of the project, and are dedicated to continuous improvement.
  • Maximization of funding. Our fundamental approach is to focus on potential outcomes, by addressing the cause of problems, rather than treating symptoms.
  • Long-term impact. We assess whether the significance of the long-term impact will continue well beyond the period of our support.
  • Sustainability. Consideration is given to the sustainability of the project at the conclusion of the period covered by funding.
  • Equal opportunity. Our intention is to be fair and equitable in a non-discriminatory way, regardless of applicants’ ability, cultural, racial, social or economic background.

Rainbow-Catcher Foundation’s support may extend to, but is not limited to:

  • ‘one-off’ projects that are likely to make a difference;
  • ‘seed’ projects that have a genuine chance of proving effective, and being supported beyond the initial funding period;
  • ‘pilot’ projects that are based on sound existing practice or experience, and evaluated as being effective.

Eligibility Requirements:

Rainbow-Catcher Foundation Committee uses the Eligibility Requirements to determine whether the Foundation is prepared to consider a request for funding. To ensure the project is eligible for consideration, applicants must meet the following guidelines:

  1. Applications that have been previously unsuccessful cannot be resubmitted, unless prior approval has been given by the Committee.
  2. Submissions will not be accepted from individuals/non-profit organizations that have not successfully completed reporting and acquittal requirements from previous funding applications.
  3. Only one (1) submission, in any one funding period, will be accepted, unless otherwise approved by the Committee.
  4. Projects that are not conducive to the Committee’s vision (purpose, objective, aim) shall not be considered.


As a general rule, Rainbow-Catcher Foundation shall not provide funding for:

  • Recurrent expenditure, for which no future provision is likely;
  • Retrospective expenditure;
  • Projects where a large proportion of income is expended in administrative fees;
  • Religious or Political groups, and/or associated entities;
  • Drug companies, and associated entities;
  • Normal operating costs;
  • Projects that duplicate existing programs or services;
  • Endowment/permanent funds for individuals, institutions or organizations;
  • ‘For Profit’ bodies;
  • Any project that the Committee deems to have immoral or unethical connotations, and/or has the potential to cause harm to individuals, animals or the environment.

Selection Criteria:

Rainbow-Catcher Foundation Committee uses the Selection Criteria as the basis for decisions made in relation to funding applications. The Committee reserves the right to accept, or deny, applications for funding, based on the values of the purpose, objective and aim of our organization.

  1. Can a ‘need’ be identified for the project?
  2. Is there ‘target group’ involvement in the project?
  3. Is the ‘aim’ of the project clearly identified?
  4. Is the proposed ‘strategy’ the most appropriate to meet the identified need?
  5. Does the applicant have the necessary ‘expertise’ to carry out the project?
  6. Does the project ‘complement’ existing initiatives?
  7. Is the project ‘cost-effective’?
  8. Is the ‘budget’ realistic and appropriate?
  9. Does the project have broader ‘consequences’ beyond the local area?
  10. Are the ‘long-term benefits’ of the project for the greater good?

Standard Conditions:

To be eligible for funding, applicants must:

  • Meet the Foundation’s conditions for eligibility and selection.
  • Check the project does not fall under any of the Foundation’s exclusions.
  • Ensure the project is conducive to the Foundation’s purpose, objective and aim.
  • Use the whole amount of the funding exclusively for the described project, and not for any other purpose.
  • Complete the project by the completion date specified on the application, otherwise no part of the funding may be used after the completion date, without a request for extension and approval in writing by the Foundation.
  • Promptly advise the Foundation of any material change, which may affect the applicant’s ability to undertake or complete the project within the specified period.
  • Keep detailed financial records, to enable the use of funding to be readily checked.
  • Acknowledge the support of the Rainbow-Catcher Foundation in relation to the project.
  • By accepting payment of funding, acknowledge that variations, deletions and additional conditions may apply (as determined by the Foundation).
  • Realize that failure to meet funding conditions will be taken into consideration if future applications are submitted to the Foundation.

Applying For Funding:

  • Funding applications may range between AU$1,000 and AU$20,000.
  • The Committee carefully considers applications twice each year, to determine whether a project fits within the Foundation’s current program interests and funding principles.
  • The closing dates for each round of funding are close-of-business (eastern standard time) on:
  • 31 March;
  • 30 September.
  • Applicants are encouraged to submit applications as early as possible, rather than wait until the closing date. This allows time for a site visit and/or meeting, if applicable, prior to the closing date.
  • Applicants must complete the online Application For Funding form. No other documentation or attachments are permitted to be sent with this form, unless otherwise stated.
  • The online Application For Funding form must be e-mailed to by no later than the closing date.
  • Applicants shall receive acknowledgement that their application has been received within fourteen (14) days after the closing date, via e-mail.
  • The Committee may request an applicant to submit further information on the project, in support of their submission.
  • Applications are assessed against the Foundation’s eligibility requirements, exclusions and selection criteria.
  • For the purposes of assessment, applicants should be aware that some proposals may be sent to specialist consultants (a third party) if it is deemed necessary. This is done on a confidential basis.
  • If a funding submission is incomplete, the application shall be withdrawn from consideration, and applicants shall be notified accordingly.
  • The turnaround time from close of applications to decisions is generally between 8-12 weeks, and applicants will be advised accordingly, via e-mail.
  • Unfortunately, as is the case for many funding bodies, many more applications are received than can be supported. It is the policy of the Foundation not to provide reasons for the declination of applications.
  • Applications for funding shall be checked on a monthly basis, and the Committee reserves the right to provide funding outside the general guidelines and timelines, if it’s determined that the project objective is in urgent need of assistance.

Please Note:
Due to unforeseen circumstances, the next funding round opens on
31 August 2017.

Successful Applicants:

Successful applicants must:

  • Allow 8-12 weeks after the closing date, for notification of successful funding for the project, and receipt of payment.
  • Sign a Funding Agreement form, confirming the conditions of the funding.
  • Complete the project by the completion date specified on the Funding Agreement form.
  • Acquit the funding (via the Acquittal Report form) within four (4) weeks of the completion date specified.