Thank you for assisting Rainbow-Catcher Foundation to achieve our vision of assisting those in necessitous circumstances. Your donation is gratefully accepted for the greater good of all, and assists us to make a difference.  Rainbow-Catcher Foundation has been endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a 'Charitable Fund' and a 'Deductible Gift Recipient' (please check with your accountant, as your donation may be tax-deductible).

Donate to the Rainbow-Catcher Foundation

One-Off Credit Card Donation Online:

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Regular Donations:

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Direct Deposit Into Bank Account:

Please make deposit to:

Account Name - Rainbow-Catcher Foundation
Bank - National Australia Bank
Bank Address - 36 Grigg Street, Ravenshoe, Queensland 4888, Australia
BSB - 084889
Account Number - 183948389
Swift Code - NATAAU3303M


Please make cheque/money order payable to ‘Rainbow-Catcher Foundation’ and address to:

Rainbow-Catcher Foundation
PO Box 52
Ravenshoe Queensland 4888


Please remember to print the Receipt generated by your banking system, or via StrataPay's credit card payment facility, as your donation may be tax-deductible. If you require an official Rainbow-Catcher Foundation tax receipt, please e-mail Erica West with your 'deposit' and 'contact address details' and a receipt will be posted to you as soon as possible.


By leaving a gift to the Rainbow-Catcher Foundation in your Will, you can assist the Foundation to continue its valuable support for the greater good of all. Bequests and legacies are particular items, such as property or sums of money, given as gifts upon the death of a generous donor. After providing for your family and friends, and once all debts/expenses have been paid out, you may choose to leave a bequest to the Rainbow-Catcher Foundation. Including a bequest in your Will now has no impact on your lifestyle today, and is an honourable commitment to assist the Rainbow-Catcher Foundation in alleviating the conditions of human affliction. We recommend that you seek legal advice (contact a qualified legal practitioner or solicitor) if you are considering leaving a bequest in your Will, to ensure the validity of your personal wishes after your death.

“A hundred years from now, it won’t matter what my bank balance was, the sort of home I lived in, or the car I drove, but the world may be different because I was important in the life of someone who needed assistance.” (Anonymous)

Rainbow-Catcher Foundation Goals/Projects

Rainbow-Catcher Foundation proposes to establish the following projects:  Retreats/Hospices;  Initiatives to support Farmers (using fruit and vegetable products that would normally go to waste);  Youth Activities;  Retirement Villages;  Affordable Accommodation;  Sporting Complexes;  Music Schools;  Visits to the Elderly/Infirmed;  and more.  Any assistance you may be able to provide in assisting us to achieve these goals/projects would be greatly appreciated.

If you wish to become a major supporter of Rainbow-Catcher Foundation, your company details will be included in the 'Major Supporters' section of this website.